Design Service

It can be difficult to find the right kind of ironwork for a project, we aim to make the decision easier using an archive of traditional ironwork designs and our own portfolio of work to refine your initial ideas into a final design.

To ensure the final design is to the clients liking we use 3D modelling, in Fusion 360, and rendering software, Keyshot, to create photo-realistic images to show the client how the proposed design will look in situ.

We can then create samples using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques to show our clients what the physical form could look like, this could also help the client decide on details and finishes.

See Country Estate Garden Entrance Gates for the whole project

Design Case Study

Step 1: Brief

The client wanted a new gate to replace the “off the shelf” gates that were already installed, they wanted the new gate to pull its design from the front gate on their estate but not to just be a replica of it.

Step 2: Initial Design

Site surveyed and reference photos taken, using these and constraints of the brief initial designs were created

Step 3: CAD and Render

Taking the initial design and creating a 3D model in Fusion 360, to then be rendered in Keyshot to give photo realistic images of the design in situ as well as its details