Donkeywell Forge Blacksmiths, Gloucestershire


About Us.

Donkeywell Forge is a traditional blacksmiths forge on the outskirts of Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Our companie’s name originates from the Donkey driven water well that was located at the rear of where the forge is currently situated. Starting as a family run business, Donkeywell forge now employs 12 skilled team members with a wide range of skills including CAD design, firewelding and many more.

Drawing from the years of experience that we have between us at the forge, we put our creativity and expertise into every piece of irownwork we work on. Having a huge respect for the traditional methods of blacksmithing and it’s history, we draw on its heritage to create ironwork that will stand the test of time and bring beauty to the places that they are situated in. We relish creative and technical challenges and offer every client a extensive service from design all the way to installation allowing our clients to be involved with every step. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and markets for our expertise, ensuring we continue to develop and diversify our capabilities for new and exciting applications.

We produce traditional and contemporary ironwork, working with all forms of metal including true wrought iron, mild steel, bronze, copper, stainless steel and corten. We have traditional coke fired forges which allows us to specialise in the use and principles of heritage materials and styles including fire welding alongside large gas powered forges, power hammer facilities and 3,880 ft² of workshop space, multiple work benches and modern workshop facilities and machiner to allow us to complete much larger projects with quicker lead times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries you would like more information about, our friendly and helpful team would be happy to help and move your project forward. We can help with any and all aspects of the project from the design to the installation of the ironwork. In short, we’ll be a safe pair of hands for you, as our work ultimately represents your own reputation – something we highly value and aim to help solidify.

Best regards,

Jon Ward

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